The GARDENA Comfort Pruning Lopper StarCut 160 BL has a length of 160 cm and can reach everywhere, thereby allowing easy cutting of branches of up to approx. 32 mm in diameter – even dense shrubs and trees. Through the fully interior pulling strap, this lopper will also not get tangled up in narrow places. The extra-light and narrow cutting head allows comfortable and targeted cutting. The cutting angle from the ground (up to 200°) can be individually adjusted: branches in every direction can thereby be precisely cut. The special blade shape holds the cut materials in an optimal cutting area and allows an especially easy and clean cut. The internal gear transmission saves effort and gives greater cutting power, rendering powerful cutting especially easy. The Pruning Lopper has non-stick coated, precision-ground blades that allow easy cutting of branches and also easy cleaning. At the same time, the coating protects against rust. Equipped with a pull handle with a non-slip end stop and an additional T-handle for an even greater range_ the user can achieve a range of approx. 3.5 m. The extra-light and sturdy aluminium handle guarantees high stability with low weight, thereby ensuring easy and precise handling. The safety lock is practical and serves safe transport and storage after cutting work. For the Pruning Lopper, GARDENA offers a warranty of 25 years.